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Premier Asset Recovery and Remarketing Services

Since 2004, Asset Recovery Services has been a leading provider in asset recovery and remarketing across the country. From initial asset recovery—including both voluntary surrenders and involuntary repossessions—to site visits and appraisals and, eventually, remarketing items for resale, we handle every step of the repossession process.


Voluntary Surrenders

Voluntary Surrenders can be necessary for a multitude of reasons. Whether financial hardships, illness or death, lack of ability to maintain payments due to borrower's remorse, slow business or any other circumstances, our team will help these individuals who choose to voluntarily surrender their collateral back to the lender making the situation as simple and seamless as possible for both parties.

Involuntary Repossessions

Involuntary Repossessions

Our team has significant experience navigating the more complex situations which can be created by involuntary repossessions. With these situations in mind, we take a more direct approach in retrieving our clients’ assets. We will make a site visit to the business location and, if necessary, the residence of the personal guarantor. We will first attempt to collect the default balance on the account in question. If unsuccessful, we will begin the process of securing your assets in a timely fashion.


Legal Services


 Legal Services

Involuntary Repossessions can carry with them the possibility of requiring legal assistance. ARS has the capability of retaining legal counsel in any US jurisdiction on behalf of our clients. During this phase, our representative will make all necessary court appearances with legal counsel, and ensure all local and federal requirements and laws are being followed. We will aggressively and thoroughly pursue each case on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome - recovery of your valuable assets. 

Site Visit

Site Visits

Site Visits are used for a multitude of reasons such as verifying location, equipment deliverables, quantities and condition. Site Visits are also requested when an account has become delinquent and the personal guarantor has become unresponsive to communication efforts. Our site visits will be thorough and fully documented with pictures and all relevant data collected.

Proof of Goods

Asset Recovery Services can assist to help mitigate risk in large commercial loans by providing field inspections on the day of delivery or shortly after. ARS will ensure all the appropriate items have been delivered and that those items match the financing invoices. While at location, we can also document business assets that may by applicable for any UCC liens. The information contained in the reports may also prove valuable in the case of default to have an accurate picture of the totality of the business assets.

Proof of Delivery

Asset Recovery Services specializes in inspection services geared towards the verification of collateral, equipment, and real property. Examples of this service would include general site inspections, leased equipment inspections, commercial collections and franchise inspections along with a variety of other asset inspections and reports. We will confirm the location, condition and value of the collateral. This prevents delivery of less valued collateral or the equipment not being delivered at all. Managing risk of the core of our business!


At the request of our clients, we perform professional appraisals. We do our due diligence and conduct thorough market research to ensure each appraisal's accuracy. This includes searching the marketplace for items of similar year, make, and model to collect relevant data. You can count on our team to provide an accurate and informed appraisal of your assets.


Asset Remarketing

We help numerous financial institutions, agencies, businesses, and corporations to recover value in their assets from a variety of situations, including:

  • Merger, Acquisitions or Closures
  • System Upgrades or Refresh Projects
  • End of Life
  • Off Rentals or Leases
  • Customer Returns
  • Project Cancellations
  • Excess Surplus
  • Reverse Logistics

No matter your situation, we will recover your assets safely, efficiently, and quickly, and have a process in place to remarket your assets for Fair Market Value (FMV). Our team members are experts in what they do, and have the knowledge and experience needed to remove assets from the most challenging situations. 

Emergency Services

Are you in an emergency situation with limited time to recover your assets? We understand that some situations require expedited services on a seemingly impossible timeline. Whether a business is being evicted, leaving you with just a few days to recover your equipment, or a landlord is threatening to lock a company's doors due to past due rent, we can help.

When you request emergency services from our team, we will be on location within 48 hours of receipt of the order. Please note that there is a premium of 3 to 10%, depending on the location and the collateral. An emergency service request automatically gets moved to the front of our line of jobs. You can count on us to recover your equipment quickly, safely, and within the necessary time frame.

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