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Premier Asset Recovery and Remarketing Services

Since 2004, Asset Recovery Services has been a leading provider in asset recovery and remarketing across the country. From initial asset recovery—including both voluntary surrenders and involuntary repossessions—to site visits and appraisals and, eventually, remarketing items for resale, we handle every step of the repossession process.

Voluntary Surrenders

Our team works with individuals who are facing an upcoming repossession and explains the serious and lingering repercussions to their credit scores as well as the impact the repossession will have in the eyes of future lenders. These individuals are often in difficult situations, whether they have recently lost a job or have been faced with closing a restaurant or other business. We help these individuals who choose to voluntarily surrender their collateral back to the lender, making the situation as simple and seamless as possible for both parties.

Involuntary Repossessions

Our team has significant experience navigating the more complex situations created by involuntary repossessions. We conduct site visits to both personal residences and businesses to try to retrieve the items in question. When someone refuses to allow Asset Recovery Services to recover an item, our team takes the next step on behalf of the financial institution. We will call a local lawyer in the county and file a repossession order in the court. This order sends the sheriff to the site to tag all items with stickers, as well as disconnect any items from a power source. Within approximately 10 days, the sheriff will call Asset Recovery Services to retrieve the items and prepare them to be transported. In many cases, this requires the additional services of a locksmith to complete the asset recovery. 


Site Visits

As noted, Asset Recovery Services will conduct site visits as needed during the process of an involuntary repossession. Following a site visit, once the collateral has been removed and relocated to one of our facilities, our team will create a detailed list of all items, photograph those items, and provide an FMV estimate for the resale of those assets.


At our clients’ request, we perform professional appraisals. We do our due diligence and conduct thorough market research to inform every appraisal. This includes searching the marketplace for items of similar year, make, and model to collect relevant data. You can count on our team to provide an accurate and informed appraisal of your assets.

Asset Remarketing

We help numerous financial institutions, agencies, businesses, and corporations to recover value in their assets from a variety of situations, including:

  • Merger, Acquisitions or Closures
  • System Upgrades or Refresh Projects
  • End of Life
  • Off Rentals or Leases
  • Customer Returns
  • Project Cancellations
  • Excess Surplus
  • Reverse Logistics

No matter your situation, we will recover your assets safely, efficiently, and quickly, and have a process in place to remarket your assets for Fair Market Value (FMV). Our team members are experts in what they do, and have the knowledge and experience needed to remove assets from the most challenging situations. 

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