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Safe Repossession of Computers and Peripheral Devices

When any business or organization closes, there is usually a high volume of computers and peripheral devices that need to be securely packaged, removed and transported for resale. Whether you need one or two computers from a personal residence or five floors’ worth of office equipment, Asset Recovery Services will complete the job with care and precision. During the recovery of computers—whether they are desktop systems or laptops—along with all peripherals such as monitors or speakers, we take care to blanket wrap and package all items to ensure no damage occurs during the process.

Our team can recover desktop computers, laptops, tablets, printers, as well as all peripheral items like speakers, modems, monitors, external hard drives, cases, USB cords, mice, and keyboards.

There is no limit to the brands, models, and makes of computers that we recover, including:

·       Acer

·       Apple

·       Asus

·       Dell

·       Google Chromebooks

·       HP

·       Lenovo

·       Sony

·       Toshiba

·       And many more

For leading repossession services of computers and all peripheral devices, contact the team at Asset Recovery Services. We look forward to serving your needs and exceeding your expectations.

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